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Family Vacation | Rome


Rome, how we loved you!

Continuing on with our vacation recap (here’s part one), our Kochuba fam hopped on a plane from beautiful Switzerland to our longest stretch of the trip in Rome, Italy! Despite the 100 degree temperatures, we absolutely loved our stay in the Eternal City. Allen and I had traveled to Rome before, so we were eager to dive back in and explore the city (while consuming as much gelato as possible). We were fortunate to have an incredible tour guide drive us around, and allowed for a decent amount of unplanned time to “roam” around the city and relax between museums and historical sites.

Highlights from Rome included SEEING THE POPE (!!), incredible food, tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain, limoncello shots, spectacular history lessons and time exploring together.

Enjoy a few of our amateur snapshots!

Allen found and booked the coolest apartment in the heart of Campo de Fiori (check out those doors to the entrance!!)

There was a teeny tiny elevator inside the building that accommodated 2 people, so the other 4 would walk up the 4 flights of stairs each time we returned 🙂 Christian snapped that cool shot of the courtyard.

There was even a rooftop terrace!

Can you spot the pope??

Making pasta right next to our dinner table!

One night in Rome the guys thought it would be hilarious do dress “as authentically Italian as possible”, hence the ridiculous ensemble below. We could not. stop. LOLing. I’m not quite sure they nailed it…

The coliseum was at the top of Taylor’s must-see list, and it was absolutely incredible. Instead of booking a tour for the coliseum we opted to download and listen to the free Rick Steves podcast on our iPhones, which was great!

Up next: Venice!

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