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Family Vacation | Venice


Continuing on with our family vacation recap – we’re at the last stop: Venice!

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Venice was absolutely mind-blowing. This city was unlike any place we’d ever seen, and the beauty of it all was hard to absorb during our quick stay (we were only there about 36 hours). At this point in the vacation we were all pretty tired, but that didn’t stop us from eating our way through the city!

We were in awe of the way the city operated – everything from the waterway systems to the trash boats. How they make it all work without cars or other modes of transportation is truly a wonder. Highlights from Venice included a fun boat ride to the island of Murano, a delicious “last supper” at Osteria ai Promessi Sposi, visiting St. Mark’s square at night, and generally just taking in the beauty of this incredible city!

Enjoy a handful of photos from our quick stay in The City of Bridges!

We scored with another awesome apartment rental via Truly Venice. Our master planners helped us make the most of our time!

Such a cutie!

On the way to Murano!

Beautiful St. Mark’s at night. So, so dreamy!

Christian woke up early the last day of vacation to take a solo yolo tour of the Doge’s Palace in St. Marks (we were all too exhausted to join him!) The photos he snapped were absolutely beautiful:

In the afternoon, we were caught in the most torrential downpour! We got back to the apartment absolutely drenched but enjoyed waiting out the storm as we watched everyone from above 🙂

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed following along on our family adventure – we left feeling inspired, grateful and a few pounds heavier 🙂

Have you visited Venice? What are your top recommendations or memories? We’d love to hear from you!

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